Friday, October 3, 2008

Knitting and Perfume

I decided on Wednesday that I would teach myself how to knit. I just want to make one scarf for myself for this fall/winter. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought all the supplies and then came home and found tutorials with videos and diagrams. I decided to try a cable knit pattern because I love the way it looks. Kind of ambitious. I started and got about 10 rows in, took it all out, started again and got a few rows in, took it all out. I think I'm doing the purling wrong. So I did just a few rows of straight knitting and then a few rows of straight purling, took it out and started the pattern over. I'm not very far, but it's coming along. I'm sure I'm doing a lot of it wrong, possibly even using the wrong size needles and the wrong weight of yarn, but whatever. It's a learning process. And as long as I get one scarf done, I'll be happy.

Tonight we're going to go to Oktoberfest on base. I'm going with one friend and hopefully everyone else will be able to make it and meet us there. I'm looking forward to good food and hopefully there will be lots of stuff for Lauren to do, and lots of opportunities for me to take pictures.

I ordered some nail polish from Sephora this week because they had an offer for a free 10 day sample of Bare Escentuals makeup, complete with a mini kabuki brush. Let me tell you why I love Sephora: 1. There's TONS of makeup on there. 2. You get 3 free samples with every order, plus more if you have an offer code. 3. They offer free gift wrapping, so every time I get something for myself, it's like a little present and that's a lot more fun to open. 4. They have a rewards program where you earn points and after a certain number of points you can get deluxe samples. So I ordered a new nail polish from Sephora by OPI and it's called BYOBoy. It's my new favorite polish color. I got the BE sample, a sample of shampoo, and two perfume samples. I love perfume samples. They last me forever, I don't have to use them all at once, and if I don't like them on me, they're fun to give away, even as small as they are. This order I got elle by YSL and Gucci eau de parfum II. And I am so happy with both of these scents!! "elle" smells so good and it even is a little spritzer bottle. I think this is what I'm going to ask for for Christmas because I'm just in love with it. Gucci smells really good, too, but it's a heavier scent, and not something I'd wear every day probably. I haven't tried the shampoo or the BE yet.

I ordered part of my Halloween costume yesterday. I'm going to go as Juno. I ordered the slinky tee shirt that she wore in the movie, and I have jeans and a plaid skirt. I just need to go find some converse high tops and I'll be all set. I think Lauren is going to be a ladybug again this year if her costume still fits. We'll try it on this week. If it's too small, we'll go pick out something else.

I watched the documentary Young@Heart this week and I loved it. I recommend renting it.

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