Friday, September 26, 2008


I've added another widget to my sidebar. It is from a site called Twitter. Throughout the day I can log in and give a short update on what I'm doing, and post it to the site. I've embedded it into our family blog so it will show my last five updates. Not everything we do in a day deserves a blog post, but I think I'll try to update my Twitter status anyway, and then you can see what our day is like when we don't have something worth blogging about.

I got an email from Ben this morning that said he got an email from his branch manager that said they are finalizing the list of what everyone is getting for orders. I feel like I've been saying "in a few weeks" for a really long time now, so I'm not going to guess how much longer it will be before we find out if we got Germany for sure. I tend to not believe it (as excited as I may be about it) until he actually has orders.

Tonight we're supposed to go to Katrina's house for dinner and to hang out with our friends. Tomorrow I've been invited to a candle party and I have nothing planned so far for Sunday. At the OWC luncheon last week I won a free KinderMusic session. They hold classes on Friday and Saturday mornings, so I just need to call and see about redeeming my win. I think Lauren would really enjoy it, she LOVES her dance class and it would be nice for her to have something to do on another day each week. Of course, if the weather ever cools off for the fall and winter, we'll do more trips to the zoo and the park.

Last night I was very excited to get to watch two of my favorite shows return for the season. I love The Office and Grey's Anatomy, although, Grey's is starting to lose me. But The Office was hilarious as ever and I am looking forward to this season so much! Desperate Housewives starts Sunday and Chuck returns next Monday... and then I'm set until Lost returns in January. (Yet another reason I can't wait for January to get here!!)

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