Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rainbow Hearts Hat

This is the third knitting project I did.  I made it up for Lauren, who picked out the rainbow yarn at the craft store.  Here's the pattern as I wrote down in my notes:
Rainbow Heart Hat
size 3 16” circular needles
Caron Simply Soft worsted weight acrylic yarn in white
Bernat Baby stretch worsted weight “Skipping Rope” color
Cast on 100 sts with the rainbow yarn using long tail cast on
knit 2 rows of k2,p2 w/rainbow yarn
knit 15 rows of k2,p2 w/white yarn
knit 7 rows w/white yarn
knit 2 rows w/rainbow yarn
knit 2 rows w/white yarn
Next is the heart chart-I'll write it out and try to get a good image added later. It’s 9 rows, 10 sts repeated around, all knit sts.
Row 1: *1 Rainbow st (R), 3 White sts (W), 1R, 5W* repeat
Row 2: *2R, 1 W, 3R, 3W, 1R* repeat
Row 3: *6R, 3W, 1R* repeat
Row 4: *5R, 2W, 1R, 2W* repeat
Row 5: *1W, 3R, 2W, 3R, 1W* repeat
Row 6: *2W, 1R, 2W, 5R* repeat
Row 7: *1R, 3W, 6R* repeat
Row 8: *1R, 3W, 3R, 1W, 2R* repeat
Row 9: *5W, 1R, 3W, 1R* repeat
knit 2 rows white
knit 2 rows rainbow
knit 1 row white
*k1, k2tog* rep white
*k1 R, k1W* rep
knit 1 row rainbow
*k1 R, k1 W* rep
*k2, k2tog*rep white
*k1, k2tog* rep white
*k2tog* rep rainbow
my notes here aren’t clear on the number, but I think it’s rep until 8 (?)sts left, weave end through remaining loops, cinch closed, weave in all ends.

Rainbow Heart Hat

Rainbow Heart Hat in action
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