Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trip to the Salon

Yesterday Lauren got her first haircut. We went to the
Regis salon in the Killeen mall. Her hair wasn't really that
long, but it was looking a little bit scraggly at the ends, so we just wanted to even out the bottom a little bit. Lauren did really well. Her favorite part was getting her hair washed. She just laid back and relaxed and closed her eyes and even had a little smile come over her face a few times. She did pretty well during the cut, but she got a little bit restless near the end and wouldn't sit still or look where we wanted her to, but it was basically all done, so we just finished up. She talked about getting a haircut for the rest of the day. She woke up this morning, in fact, asking if she was going to get her hair cut again. :)

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