Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricanes bring lots of rain

...but not to us.  I thought we would get lots of rain and lots of wind, but we didn't get either one.  We got about 10 minutes of rain and the winds weren't very strong.  But that's nothing to complain about.  And for the next 10 days on the forecast, the temperature is in the 80s, so that's a nice break for us.  I'm thinking maybe on Thursday I'll get a chance to take Lauren up to the zoo in Waco again.

This weekend we didn't do anything.  I've been watching my friend's son today and we watched him yesterday.  She's studying for a big exam she'll take on Thursday, so she just needed a couple hours today and yesterday to read in peace.

Ben is doing well.  If you are looking for ideas for his birthday present, get him a gift certificate to  He has his eye on a new GPS system and so gift certificates are all that he is asking for.

On Friday, Lauren was climbing in the living room and she fell.  She scraped up the underside of her nose, it's starting to scab over.  It looks awful.  She just said that her face "bounced" on the couch, but she can't tell me really anything else.  I think it will heal just fine if I can get her to stop picking at it.  I think it's starting to itch.

I am working on going to Albuquerque for the start of the Balloon Fiesta.  If I get out there, it will be October 1-6.

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