Sunday, August 3, 2008

Welcome to August

Wow.  It is hot.  The high today was 104 and tomorrow it's supposed to be 105.  Yuck.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!  I've been watering the lawn in the evening, I'm worried about the bushes that we planted after we had the trees cut down.  The grass around them is looking pretty dry, and I don't want them to get dry.  I'm going to go to Lowe's or Home Depot tomorrow and pick up some bush spikes to get them a little nourishment.

Lauren had a bit of a fever on Thursday evening and over night, but by Friday morning she was feeling a lot better.  We even went ahead with our plans to go to the pool Friday afternoon.  She had fun in the water as always.  She is covered in little spots now, but she's had that before for a few days after a fever.  I asked her doctor about it last time and she said sometimes after a viral fever kids will get spots.  So I just keep an eye on them and as long as they don't get worse, I know she'll be ok.

Our friend Katherine got a new nine week old puppy.  He's a Maltese Shitzu cross, and he's just a little white fluff ball.  I thought Lauren would be more interested in him, but she doesn't do much more than pet him and say he's soft and then go on her way.  I think he's great, though, and I love playing with him.  They came over this evening for dinner and brought the puppy with them and he's a good little boy.

I ordered the cards from sarah and abraham for Mia and Luke.  They got some cute cards delivered on Saturday.  Which reminds me!  Abby recommended a cookbook called "Cook it in a Cup" and I ordered it from amazon.  Last night we went to Katrina's house and made the mini-meat loaves and the corn and zucchini melange.  They were both really really good.  I want to make the corn and zucchini dish all the time now.  Delicious!

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