Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to the Texas Heat!

We are back home now. We got back about two weeks ago. Albuquerque was great. Lauren had so much fun with Mia and she got to do tons of stuff. We went to Explora for toddler time and concerts in the zoo and the park and lots of time in the backyard on the swings, in the pool, or playing with the sand and water table.

The cats will be vacationing in Albuquerque until after this baby is born. I just don't have all the extra energy to keep up with their messes, and I'm not supposed to clean the catbox anyway. I think Lauren misses them a little bit. She talks about everyone out there still. I think she also is bummed that we're not playing outside anymore. But 100 degrees with all this humidity is just unbearable. We haven't done anything outdoors since being back.

Since I feel so bad about that, I'm enrolling her in a "creative movement" class for 2 year olds at a ballet and dance studio in town called A & K Dance. She'll go once a week on Tuesdays. I'm not really sure what to expect out of it, but I think she'll have fun in anything. Actual ballet classes start at age 3, so she won't be able to start those until next summer. If she does really good in these classes and seems like she'd like to do something more, there's a mom and tot tumbling class we can look into. It meets three times a week, so I thought we'd start out slow and work our way up.

Other than that, we don't have a whole lot going on. My latest thyroid tests came back normal, so the doctor said it was just due to the surge of hCG hormones, but since they've leveled off, my thyoid is calming down, too. I feel a lot better and I'm eating a lot more. The baby moves all the time, she's a little gymnast for sure.

Oh! Did I mention that the baby's due date has changed? It's January 3 now. I'm a little less far along than they thought I was, but that's ok, it gives us a little more time between Christmas and her birthday.

I also ordered the cutest cards today. She has a blogspot blog, Sarah and Abraham, and she sells through her shop on etsy, Sarah and Abraham on etsy. The first order is a gift for someone (you'll get it soon... but you won't know who you are until it gets there) and I'm planning on ordering a set of notecards for Lauren soon, too. If you check out her blog, she's doing a giveaway if you comment by... well, tomorrow, so go over and check it out. If you haven't heard, I *heart* etsy and I've found a ton of cute stuff on the site. Check it out at

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