Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Dance Class

Lauren had her first dance class yesterday. I got her all dressed up in her leotard with the tutu and some shiny silver shoes with her hair pulled back. She looked adorable!
We got to the class and I was ready with camera in hand. I was a little afraid I'd look like a crazy stage mother having her all dressed up, but all but one of the other little girls were dressed up in leotards too. They were all so cute!

There we were, waiting for class to start, and the instructors came out to get the girls, and they walked into the dance room and shut the door. I was so bummed! I didn't get to watch it at all! But I guess the kids don't listen as well and get distracted when their parents are in the room, so there's a method to it all. The class was 30 minutes long and I sat in the waiting room with the other moms. When they came out she showed off a unicorn stamp on each hand and a gummy bear. They said she was shy for about the first five minutes, but then she participated. As soon as we walked outside to the car she started asking for "more dance class!" I think she really enjoyed it. Then this morning when we woke up she said, "Good morning, Mommy. Dance class?" I guess a week is a long time to wait when you're two.

Here's a picture from the pool on August 1st. She does well, but it's been SO hot, I haven't wanted to go back yet. Hopefully it will cool off so we can go a few more times before it closes. (If you click on any of the pictures in this blog, you'll be able to see it much larger.)

This Saturday I'll be 20 weeks pregnant... officially halfway! I'm excited to meet this little girl who kicks me all night long. I feel like I'm counting down until November. Once we hit Thanksgiving, hopefully Christmas, New Years, her birth and Ben's return will happen really quickly. And a move to Germany! (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!)

I ordered a Bengal's jersey for Lauren today. It's a toddler size and it's pink and white. I'm hoping to get it soon so I can get pictures of her in it to send to Ben before the season gets underway.
Happy Birthday to Carson and Lissa!

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