Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bad Week

Last week was really hard on me. I went to the appointment on Wednesday and then wasn't able to keep anything down on Thursday. On Friday, Ben called home and was worried about how I was doing. He made me promise to call and get a same day appointment at the OB clinic.

I really was not doing well, I had been sleeping on the couch through the day and fighting to keep down water, so I called my friend Katherine and asked her to come help me. She called the OB clinic, but they were closed for the holiday weekend, so she called around and was told to take me to the Emergency Room. We dropped Lauren with Katherine's sister in law and went to the base. I only had to wait about an hour to be taken back and seen by a nurse. They took my vitals and started an IV. The doctor came in to talk to me and he prescribed Zofran for my morning sickness. It doesn't make me drowsy, so that makes it better than the Phenergan I took when I was pregnant with Lauren. They pushed Zofran through my IV then had me wait for it to kick in. I then had to eat some crackers and juice, and when I didn't throw that up, they got me ready to go. The whole trip, from the time we walked into the waiting room until I was done and had picked up my prescription at the pharmacy was about 4 hours.

It made a huge difference. I haven't thrown up since, though I do still get a queasy feeling. That just means I'm hungry, and once I eat I feel better. I've been back up and catching up on everything I had let slide when I wasn't feeling well. Hopefully I'll take some new pictures to post soon.

Lauren is doing great. She is stringing together small sentences now. She's been really good especially the last week when I wasn't as attentive as I'd have liked to have been.

Rachelle bought plane tickets to come visit in June, and I'm really excited to have her here. I haven't planned anything, I just want to get in some good hanging out time.

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