Monday, May 19, 2008

Morning Sickness

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me. I'm sorry I haven't emailed back. I am in the early stages of morning sickness and it's been hard. I don't know that it's any better this time than it was with Lauren, but I think I know how to manage it better. I eat even when I don't feel like it and even when nothing sounds good, and for the most part that holds it off, but sometimes no matter what I do I end up throwing up. Oh well.

My first prenatal appointment is on Wednesday. It should be about an hour long, and I don't remember what it will entail, plus this is a different base and a different hospital and doctor, so they could do things a lot differently. I'm hoping we'll get an early ultrasound, or at least that I'll find out when I'm going to have one. I'm sure they'll change my due date, they changed it with Lauren by about two weeks. Right now I think it's December 28th, but we'll see what it is after I go in.

Lauren is doing really well. She just talks and talks all the time. And she's really funny. Thankfully she still naps, so we both take a nap in the middle of the day to rest up for the evening.

Not much else is new here. I've barely been leaving the house for the past week or so. It gets a little boring, but that's ok. My friends have been stopping by to check in on me and make sure the trash gets out to the curb and the lawn is mowed. I'm just trying to stay mellow for the next 6 weeks or so until I feel like eating again. It's very exciting, but this is definitely the hardest part of the pregnancy for me. Come on, second trimester!! :)

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