Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Birthday

Saturday was a lot of fun. My friends Katherine and Katrina planned an evening out. They took care of the babysitter and we went out to see a movie and then out to dinner. It was a really nice day and a great way to spend my birthday.

Ben is settled back in and passed his PC checkride and exam. He said it's been really hot lately and they've had a lot of dust storms. He's on a night rotation now. At least it means we are both going to bed around the same time and we usually have more time to get on the computer and chat or talk on the phone.

I emailed out info about the new troop T-shirts. If you didn't get it or need more info about it, let me know and I'll get it to you. The orders are due May 15. These shirts aren't girly, so anyone who didn't want a girly shirt but did want one can order these.

Lauren is responding well to the Zyrtec. Almost immediately her nose stopped running. She's still had a bit of a cough, but less and less every day. I think it will take a little longer for that to go away, but if it doesn't go away soon, I'll make another appointment for her to get that checked out.

She sings all the time. Today we called her Aunt Sarah and Lauren serenaded her with the chorus to "Hey There, Delilah" and "Sweet Caroline". I've been trying to capture it on video, but of course she clams up when I pull out the camera. I will keep trying, though.

And, I'm happy to say my resolution to read 12 books this year is coming along great. We're five months into the year and I've read 7 books so far. I've got a couple to read sitting here, but I haven't decided which one will be next.

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