Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Really Quickly

We are in Albuquerque.

Rachelle came out for a week to help out and was amazing.  The day she left, Skipper flew in and the next day we drove out to New Mexico.  We're almost done here, we go home next week.  Lauren has had a great time with Mia.  They have to fight things out for the first part of every play date, but then they're the best of friends and pure trouble for everyone after that.  She's been working on using the potty and has been doing pretty well.

My thyroid tests came back that I have hyperthyroidism, so I'll have blood drawn after my next OB appointment and then the following week I go back to go over the test results and we'll make a decision about treatment (if needed) after that.  Otherwise the pregnancy has been going pretty well.  I'm into my second trimester now, so my nausea has almost disappeared.  It's such a relief!  I was so hungry after not keeping much down for two months.  Hahaha.

I'll do a more thorough update and add pictures when we get back home to Texas.

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