Saturday, March 14, 2009

For Sale

We put the house on the market as of yesterday. We've been cleaning and packing like crazy over the past two days. Ben rented a storage unit and we have packed up a few car loads to put away until we get to Washington. We also went through and gave away a bunch of small kitchen electrics to Goodwill. The house looks SO EMPTY now! I got some good pictures of most of the rooms and sent them to our realtor to put up on our listing. It's pretty liberating to be rid of so much stuff. There is still a lot we have to get done, though. We need to get the play room under control, hopefully I can get a box or two of toys to the storage unit without Lauren noticing. We have to get everything done by Monday because we leave Monday night for San Antonio for Natalie's next surgery. Hopefully the house will be shown every day while we're gone.

Natalie's pre-op appointment is Tuesday morning and she also has her follow up with Opthamology that afternoon. We'll have nothing to do on Wednesday and then her surgery should be first thing Thursday morning. She's having the teratoma on the base of her spine removed and if she doesn't lose too much blood he is going to cut the fiber that is tethering her spinal cord and also remove some cysts at the base of her spinal cord. There's a chance he'll have to stop after removing the teratoma and we'll have to do the other surgery later.


TNgirl said...

Good luck with seling the house and getting packed up! You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers this week. I hope everthing goes well with Natalie's surgery.

jennifer said...

My heart and thoughts are with you guys on Thursday. Although she's small, she's incredibly strong!

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