Friday, March 20, 2009

Day After Surgery

Natalie's surgery went great.  She lost very little blood when they removed the teratoma and they were able to release her spinal cord and examine the cysts.  He thinks the cysts are benign and the teratoma was sent off to pathology.  While she was sedated he also tapped her shunt and confirmed that it is working and drained the area under her skin where some fluid was building up and wrapped her head in an effort to get the skin to heal back down.

I stayed at the hospital until 7:45 last night.  They ran her blood after surgery and her hemoglobin levels were low, so they gave her some blood to raise those levels before they took her breathing tube out.  She was stable last night when I called, but had thrown up after they tried feeding her.  She is moving her legs and toes which confirms that they didn't damage any nerves during surgery.

They said she'd be out Saturday at the very earliest, but I'm still going to plan on Monday just so I'm not disappointed if it isn't earlier.

As for the house, the same couple who had a showing on Wednesday went back yesterday for another showing.  Word is they LOVE the house, but they still haven't placed an offer yet, so we'll see.


Anonymous said...

sounds like things went well with the surgery, i'm so glad. hope you get an offer on your house soon :)

lickety split

jennifer said...

Thank goodness her surgery went well. And yay for moving legs and toes too! I'm wicked excited about the couple who went to see your house again. Typically anyone who goes to see a house again WILL make an offer.

TNgirl said...

So glad to hear that Natalie's procedure went well and that you have a couple that appear interested in the house.

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