Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day Before Surgery

Natalie's next surgery is tomorrow morning.  I have to have her at the hospital at 5:30 am.  I came down here Monday night with Natalie while Ben and Lauren stayed at the house to get it finished for showings.  On Tuesday I met with the Neurosurgeon for our pre-op appointment, then I filled out the pre-admit paperwork and then went to pre-anesthesia to fill out more paperwork.  Before I could see the anesthesiologist, it was time to go to Natalie's  ophthalmology appointment.  That took almost two hours, and by the time we finished, everything was closing for the day.  We went back this morning to finish at pre-anesthesia and then have blood drawn at the lab.  Or not.  They stuck her three times at the lab and couldn't get a vein, so they sent us up to the PICU to see if they could get her.  She was stuck a total of SIX times before they got the blood she needed.  She was really not happy, and I felt quite sick by the time it was over.  I did see the same nurse she had last time, and she was very excited to find out Natalie would be there with her this weekend.

The eye doctor thinks Natalie is far-sighted and has a stigmatism.  She also has one eye that looks like it may be starting to be a lazy-eye.  He wants to see her again in April after he has a chance to look at her MRIs and CT scans and he'll see if she has any changes from this visit.  She may get glasses to see if seeing better will help strengthen her eye muscles.

Ben and Lauren are on their way down to San Antonio right now.  Ben has been working his butt off to get the house ready for showings since we'll be gone all weekend.  We had our first showing today at 4:30 and Ben said he used every last minute to finish up and get packed.  I guess he was pulling away just as the realtor showed up to the house.  I'm very much looking forward to any feedback we get.  While we're gone, the realtor is going to go in and set up the 360 degree virtual tour of the house to post to her website.  


jennifer said...

Aww, it breaks my heart to hear Natalie was stuck 6 times. I'm sure it's a relief to you guys that she'll have the same nurse with her. A familiar face is always comforting.
I think it is true that if young children wear glasses at an early age, it can correct a lazy eye permanently.
Good luck with everything. I really don't know how you're doing it all. I'm just amazed at the strength you and Ben have to take it one day at a time.

TNgirl said...

You guys will be in my thoughts and prayer today.

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