Monday, February 16, 2009

The shortest month

... and we have seven different appointments for Natalie.  Four trips to San Antonio.  

Natalie and I are in San Antonio tonight.  She has an appointment tomorrow morning at 8:30.  It's called a Multi-Disciplinary Clinic and we're meeting with a Physical Therapist and an Occupational Therapist and possibly a Speech Therapist.  I'm not sure what we're going to be able to do for her since she's only 2 months old, but I guess I'll find out in the morning.

Ben and Lauren stayed at home since this is a short trip.  She's going to go to work with him tomorrow which I think is pretty cute.  She'll like that.  And she has dance class tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll be back way before then, but just in case, we wanted her to be able to go since she missed it already once this month and will probably miss it next week.

I spent a lot of time yesterday moving my music from my hard drive to our external drive.  I went through about 8,000 songs and combined them with what Ben already had on it.  It freed up about 7 GB of space on my hard drive, which is great because I have that much more room for pictures.


jennifer said...

I'm really curious as to why Natalie needed to see Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapist..I feel for you guys driving back and forth. Hopefully you're making CD's of your 8,000(holy cow) songs to take with you!

jennifer said...

Oh, btw, very clever name for your blog. It's genius!

Samantha said...

I think it's fantastic how you guys are still focusing on Laurens hobbies.

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