Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back and Forth and Back and Forth

I'm sitting at Victor's house in San Antonio.  We drove down yesterday because Natalie had an appointment this morning.  Ben wanted to help out around Victor's house to repay him for letting us stay here all the time, so last night he power washed the deck and today he stained it.  It ended up taking longer than he expected, so we're going to stay the night again and go home in the morning.  We'll be home Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then next Monday we come back down here again.  She has an appointment at 7:30 am on Tuesday.  Then we go home again until the next week when we come back on Sunday and stay Monday and Tuesday.  And then we have another appointment the second week of March.

Did I mention the back and forth is starting to wear on me?  I think its getting to Lauren, too.  She had a rough day today.  She is out of her normal routine in a house not set up for kids, and since we were expecting a short trip, we didn't pack a lot of stuff for her to do.  She has her videos but that's about it.  Combine that with her resistance to a nap, and she was toast by 4 pm.

I think I need to start making a list of recipes I want to try.  I see so many good ones, but then there are nights I can't think of anything to make.  If I had a list, I bet I could make most of them before the year was over.  I've been trying to take more pictures, too.  I got a bunch of the girls yesterday and I think they're pretty good.  I will have to upload them when we get home so I can see them bigger and then I'll post some and email some.  I didn't bring my camera cord (again, I was expecting this to be a shorter trip).

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