Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Big Day

Tomorrow morning is Natalie's shunt placement surgery.  Ben and I have to have her at the hospital at 5:30 am.  She should be in surgery by 7 and the neurosurgeon said it should take about an hour.  I expect everything should go pretty well, there will be three anesthesiologists in the room, and there's going to be a general pediatric surgeon assisting the neurosurgeon tomorrow.  

Ben picked Lissa up from the airport today and she and Natalie and I went shopping at Kohl's while Ben and Lauren went to the park.  We went to Red Robin for dinner tonight and now we're just spending some time relaxing before heading to bed.  

Natalie will spend at least 24 hours in the PICU after her surgery, and as long as she does ok, she should be released on Friday.  Lissa flies back to Albuquerque on Saturday.  I'm hoping we'll be able to go back home on Saturday or Sunday.  Natalie has an appointment for the special baby clinic next Thursday.  They'll have all the different therapists meet with Natalie to do some assessment of her and help us make sure we're doing everything we can to keep her on track.

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