Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Weird weather, Ben's Bike, Goodbye Ann

We have been having really weird weather. It was in the 80s over the weekend, then down in the 40s on Sunday, warm in the upper 60's mid 70's yesterday, and cold (not even 40) and drizzly today.

I got an email from Ben with some pictures. His room is better looking than I would have imagined. Looks small, but enough room for a bed, a small couch, a dresser, a wall unit and a little fridge. He even bought a bike to ride around over there. Doesn't he look scary and intimidating on that bike? ;)

He sounds like he's doing pretty well, and packages are getting there fast. The two that I sent took about a week, and I know he's received a box from his mom already, too that only took about a week to get there. We're still waiting for the internet to get up and running in his room, it should be any day now.

Lauren and I will be watching our friend's three girls on Thursday evening for a few hours, and we're having company over on Friday. We have just about a week left until we go to New Mexico. I ordered another hand held GPS yesterday so I can feel a little more confident about the drive. I don't want to get lost on the 11 hour trek.

And I can't let this post go by without honoring a very special woman who has passed today. Ann Eldridge outlived the doctor's expectations by nearly a year before the cancer was too much. She was a lovely woman and a force that will be missed. From one pilot's wife to another, I'll miss you, Ann.

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Jennifer said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Hugs!

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