Sunday, December 23, 2007

Arrived Safely

Thursday morning Lauren and I left for Albuquerque. We drove until Sweetwater until we stopped for gas and pizza, then drove to Lubbock where we picked up Skipper at the airport. He took over and drove the rest of the way. We got in just before midnight. It was an uneventful trip overall.

Lauren has been enjoying her cousin Mia, and she's had a lot of fun with her uncle Jon. Lissa made tamales yesterday for us to enjoy on Christmas day, and we're going to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Christmas Eve. I'm looking forward to Christmas morning here. I think Lauren will really have fun opening presents. She got a new pair of Christmas pajamas today to wear on Christmas Eve.

All our Christmas shopping is done, but we did go to the mall today. It was insanely busy and I'm glad we weren't pressed to get things and we could leave when we wanted to.

Lauren decided that her grandma's dog Charlie should be named Sue. That's all she'll call him. She calls all the other dogs by the right name.

Ben is doing well, we're still waiting on his internet to get up and running, hopefully it will be any day now.

Just two days until Christmas!!

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