Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another trip to the Pediatrician

Lauren's nose started running yesterday. She has also been sneezing, but I'm not sure when that started. The first few days she was just copying me, and I didn't really notice when the change happened that it became a real sneeze instead of a mimic of mine. Last night her nose was running so much that it was interrupting both of our rest. I tried a dose of Benadryl, but it didn't do anything for her. So this morning I called in to her pediatrician's office, and we'll be going in at 1:40. I'm worried this stuff is going to cause another ear infection since she just got over the last one not long ago. Hopefully she'll prescribe a decongestant so we can get all the gooey stuff dried up and nothing is sitting in her ear.

Ben expects his internet to be up and running on Thursday, so keep your fingers crossed. And he's been getting a lot of packages this past week, so thank you to everyone who sent something. We're hoping the DSN line gets set up in the hangar soon so he'll be able to call home more often and more clearly.

As for me, I'm feeling pretty good, just gearing up for the long drive on Thursday. I have some cleaning and some packing to do, and aside from a little thing here and there we should just be able to relax at home after the appointment today.

UPDATE: Lauren doesn't have an ear infection, but the pediatrician said she could still develop one. She could tell how congested Lauren was, so she prescribed a decongestant that she can take twice a day to help her breathe better. Apparently there's a virus that's been going around and most likely that's what Lauren has that's making her nose run so much. She said to keep an eye on how she's acting and take her right back in if it she's acting like her ear is hurting. Sometimes it can take a couple of days before the infection gets to the ears. But for now, they're clear and they look great. And, as a bonus, the entire visit, from getting out of the car to getting back in, was under 12 minutes. :)

Only one week until Christmas!!

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