Saturday, July 3, 2010

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I've been such a bad blogger this year, I was looking back and except for January, I haven't blogged more than 3 times a month.  I need to hop back on this train, I like doing it, I enjoy having a sort of family diary and I feel good when I have plenty of posts each month.

However, I have been a good reader this year, and I'm on book #17 of the year already.

Lauren painted a bird house last fall and we hung it in a small tree in our back yard.  A few weeks ago we hung a bird feeder next to it and we have had some really pretty birds lately.  I googled and found a good site that has helped me identify the two birds I was interested in and they are a Steller's Jay and an American Goldfinch.  If you quickly google them you'll find some pretty pictures of each one.

The girls are doing well.  I think Lauren is a little bored now that ballet is out, too.  She has been having fun riding her two wheel bicycle with training wheels.  We got a free hand me down Dora the Explorer bike and spray painted it pink and put new princess stickers and a white basket on it.  She likes it better that way.  Natalie is getting close to walking.  She'll go between two things that require a reach and has, though not often, pivoted on one foot.  I've been getting frustrated at her resistance to wear her glasses lately so I popped into a Claire's yesterday and found a pair of glasses with no correction to them.  I've been wearing them since then hoping it will encourage her to keep hers on her face.  It may take a while, I should get used to my new look.

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Jennifer said...

I want you to blog more too! Lauren's bike sounds so cute. I kind of want fake glasses too, now. Yours are cute!

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