Thursday, June 17, 2010

Five Question Friday, take two

So I actually happened to see the sneak preview of tomorrow's questions as I was browsing the internet tonight.  Here we go:

1. What is your favorite thing about summertime?
The shoes.  I love to wear flip flops and cute sandals.  This year I picked up an adorable pair of espadrilles at Target and I want to wear them until they fall apart.  I hate it when my feet and ankles are cold, so as soon as the temperature drops I'm in knee high socks and usually my Danskos, but once it's warm enough I can't wait to let my feet be free!

2. What is your ideal retirement location (if money didn't matter)?
I'd probably love to live by the beach.  Part of me wants to say somewhere right in Malibu, but the ocean is a little cold for swimming in out there.  So, maybe a home in Malibu with a pool?  LOL.  Still close enough to drive to see family and close enough to a real city.  I think Ben would love to live near Chicago.  We will see how that works out in another 8 years when he's done with the military and we have more freedom to pick where we live.

3. Do you live in the same town you grew up in?
Which one?  Doesn't matter, the answer is no.  Ha ha.  I consider Cathedral City, CA to be my hometown even though I hardly lived there.  Before that was Rancho Mirage, Mukilteo, Palm Springs, Escondido, Oceanside... a whole lot of places I don't remember.  But I went to Cathedral City High School and it's where my dad lives now, so it's pretty much home.  I moved away when I married Ben and now 10 years later I've lived 7 different places and each of them has been new to me.  

4. What nervous habit did you have as a child that you kicked to the curb before becoming an adult?
I don't know?  I never sucked my thumb or kept a blankie or any of that, so if I have a weird habit, I probably still do it.  

5. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you while on the job?
This one is really embarrassing, actually.  I was wearing a suit with a skirt and heels and standing talking to some co-workers.  I was standing with my feet crossed at the ankles and kind of leaning against a counter.  I went to turn and walk away, stepping to the right with my right foot (which had been crossed over my left foot), but as I turned, my heel got stuck and I totally fell to the ground, all the way onto my back with my legs up in the air.  It was more embarrassing than I could explain, but all I could do at the time was laugh.  Before that, I actually had been having a pretty bad day, but that kind of turned things around and got me out of my funk, and let's face it, my day could only go up from there.


I finished reading Tori Spelling's Uncharted Territori yesterday in one sitting.  I find her really funny and I enjoyed the book.  Now I'm reading through Country Living's "Simple Country Wisdom: 501 old-fashioned ideas to simplify your life".  I'm hoping the library books that I have requests out for will be ready soon.  I've been devouring books lately which makes me happy.

Tomorrow morning Jon is headed into town so he and Ben can go crabbing.  Ben's planning a big catch since it will be the first day of the season.  I'm planning on ordering a pizza.  LOL.  That sounds like I don't have faith in him, but that's not it!  I do, I just don't really enjoy crab.

I made an appointment for Lauren to visit the dentist next week.  It will be her first time going.  I think she will do fine, she brushes and even flosses every day.  I finally scheduled my own teeth cleaning, too.  Natalie's latest trip to the Neurosurgeon went well, he will see her again in a year.  She had a thorough hearing test on Monday and that went well, also.

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Cindy - The Diva Housewife said...

I've read through several 5 questions today and retiring at the beach seems to be a common theme!

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