Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Keeping Busy

I have six different sewing projects set up to keep myself busy over the next few weeks. I'm doing 2 shirts for myself, one for Sarah, a dress for Lauren and a new sling for Natalie. The dress for Lauren is an add on to my already long list because I went to check out Hip Stitch and Lauren picked out some fabric that she liked. While we were there I saw some patterns by Oliver+S that were so adorable! They have little paper dolls with the patterns with little cut out clothes that match the pattern. The old-timey art is just cute.

I also have about a week and a half until my next 5k. I'm going to make an effort to run outside as much as I can until then because the asphalt was really a shock to my feet. I need to get used to it a little bit more. I just want to improve my time a little bit.

Ben starts flying nights on Monday. That will last two weeks and then hopefully they'll finish up pretty quickly and he'll get back out here to Albuquerque. I would really love to get into our new place up in Washington soon. I just want my own house and my own space. Of course, when we get up there I'm going to really miss having family around and having people to hang out with and for Lauren to play with. I guess we'll make new friends up there soon enough, though.

About the most exciting thing lately is that I bought myself some new Merrell flip flops so that I can start being nicer to my feet since they've been put through some abuse lately. They're really cute and SUPER comfortable, so I am a happy girl. And my feet are happy feet.

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Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see what you stitch up!

And, you're right that running outside and running on a treadmill are completely different. I'm so used to running outside that I just can't get comfortable on a treadmill. I can't get used to the feeling of the ground helping me along. lol

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