Sunday, July 5, 2009

Am I too old for this? Probably.

Last fall my friends Katrina and Mandy convinced me to read Twilight a few days before the movie opened. I really did not think I'd be interested in the first book, and I certainly wasn't planning on reading the next three. I finished the book in less than three days, just in time to join them for the film. I really enjoyed the book, but I totally hated the movie. It was corny and cheesy with bad special effects and uninspiring music. The acting was not stellar and the direction was so b-movie melodramatic. We laughed our way through the whole movie like our own version of MST3K. And then I went on to read the next three books. And enjoy them.

Today I saw the trailer for "New Moon." Here it is:

I'm pretty excited to watch this one. And it'll probably disappoint
me, but that isn't enough to keep me away. I really hope that a
new director will be enough to make it better.


Jennifer said...

I still have no idea what any of this is even about. And, it seems lame. But, I felt the same way about Harry Potter and went on to devour the entire series. So, I am probably wrong. lol

Maya said...

yes, twilight (the movie) was such a HUGE disappointment after the book and it seemed really low budget. The second one seems a bit better, judging by the trailer...


cool blog, you should check out my twilight dedicated one:

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