Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We are all doing great.

Our Christmas was nice. The four of us woke up and opened presents by the fire. Lauren had a great time. She passed out the presents and she said everything was from Natalie. We had Christmas dinner at Katrina's house.

We took a trip down to IKEA on Saturday and bought new furniture for the house. We got a bookcase for the office, some storage furniture for Lauren's new playroom, and a new big girl bed and mattress for Lauren. I bought her some really cute new bedding at Target and she is excited about her bed. The playroom turned out nice, too. She sure has a lot of toys! It's packed in there and everything is covered in toys still. Maybe we'll have to go through that room and get things together for Goodwill. Ben and I went through that room and the closet (and I went through some of my closet) and we got rid of quite a bit of stuff. And there's still more. But cleaning things out was good and we definitely have more space now. We lost a guest room, but having a play room was pretty necessary.

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