Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kuwait, Ear Infection, T-shirts

Ben is now in Kuwait. It will be a little while before he gets to Iraq, and that's just fine with me. He could stay the entire deployment in Kuwait and I'd be thrilled. We've gotten to talk on yahoo messenger a few times and he's gotten to see Lauren on the webcam. Hopefully we'll get a better connection in his room in Iraq so she can see him, too.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Lauren and I will be going to Katrina's house. It will be Katrina and her three daughters, Arlie and her son and daughter, Kim and her son and daughter, Amy and her son and niece, and Katrina's brother with his girlfriend. Packed house! I'll be making an apple pie, cranberry sauce, and the green bean casserole. I'm looking forward to hanging out with everyone and eating lots of good food.

Lauren has an ear infection. She started acting sick last Thursday and I took her to see the pediatrician on Monday. She's on antibiotics now and already doing a lot better. She'll have to stay on the medicine until Saturday morning.

We got our T-shirts back yesterday! Thanks to everyone who bought one! I'll get them all packaged up and I'll try to get them out on Saturday or early next week. Our final total raised was over $700! We should be able to plan some great events with that money.

This year for Christmas, Lauren and I will be driving to Albuquerque. I only plan to stay about a week and a half, and hopefully the weather will cooperate for smooth driving. I'm going to save flying to California until after the holidays when maybe I'll feel less stressed out about it and everyone has a little more time to hang out.

Oh, and for everyone that I send Ben's mailing address to: please hold on and let me get you the more current info. We've been notified of a change, and I'll send it out in an email as soon as we have the right (or at least newest) information.

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