Friday, May 14, 2010

Busy with the Usual Stuff

Well it seems to be the theme that I feel worn out and busy but don't really have anything to tell from it.  I took Lauren to ballet this morning and then we took a quick trip to the PX and then watered the garden.  We got home and straightened up a little bit and then Stephanie came for Natalie's home therapy appointment.  Since it was sunny today and over 70 we sat outside for therapy.  Since then I've done some laundry and made lunch and just have been kept busy with the girls.  I'm very hungry but in the mood for Chipotle and just looked it up to find it will take at least 30 minutes to drive there.  With evening traffic, over an hour?  I don't want it that badly.  Cooking for myself and the girls is tricky since Lauren doesn't eat that much and Natalie doesn't, either.  Cooking even a small portion of a main dish and two sides would mean leftovers, and those usually just end up being thrown out.  Anyway, we'll come up with something.

I'm about to start reading "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson because some friends on Facebook recommended it so highly.  It's supposed to be really well written and very suspenseful and one friend said she was over 200 pages into it in the first sitting.  Sounds good to me, so I checked the wait list at the library and it was about 70 people long - I just bought it instead.  I'm being a bit impatient and really wanted to get a new book to read.  I have not been keeping up with reading as much lately and need to get back on track with that.  I also really want to get out and take more pictures with the girls now that it's sunnier and warmer.  I miss taking pictures.  I do take TONS on my iPhone, but they're only 2 MP and I can't control the focus, exposure, etc, and of course, they're just BETTER with the SLR.

I bought some cute office storage boxes at WalMart this week in green and yellow so that I could get my desk under control.  First step was just getting everything out and throwing out the trash and next I'll organize what I decided to keep and pare down more.  It'll take time, but eventually it'll get clean, right?  I need to become a better tosser, I keep too much stuff and we just don't have the room.  I need an attic like Candy Spelling has.  Man, that would be awesome.

Anyway... back to real life for now.  Tomorrow I'm getting up to make pigs in a blanket for our potluck dish for an FRG get together and next week I'm driving up to Everett to visit my friend Andrea from elementary school.  I think it's been about 13 years since the last time I saw her.  Natalie is also having a feeding evaluation this week and Lauren has her ballet recital.  I need to dust off the video camera for that one, I'm really looking forward to it.

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Jennifer said...

Holy crap! That looks like Costco or something! We have two attics. I'm bragging a little bit.

One tip on leftovers - depending on what it is, I like to freeze portions (and I do mean portions for one). I may not feel like chili again the next night, but a month down the road it's REALLY nice to have a ready to go meal sitting right there.

Can't wait to see pics and video from the recital! Sounds adorable!!

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