Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting Ready for Turkey Day!

We're going to do Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. Ben's going to fry the turkey. Today I went ahead and made the crusts for the apple pie and the pumpkin pie. I used a really simple recipe and made it in the food processor, and I hope it works out ok. Everything else I'll be able to make on Friday.

I've started Christmas shopping already and that has been fun. I love the holidays and I'm looking forward to Christmas so much. Dad is coming up here from the 20-23 of December. The next month is going to be so busy, but I'm glad because it will make the good stuff come sooner. :)

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I bought a super awesome part of a present for someone, and that's it so far. But, it's KILLING me! Lol. I might wait to do more shopping...

You're so ahead of the game. We're doing it tomorrow, and I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to do a little baking tonight. Think I should.

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