Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trees and a froggie kiddie pool

After Skipper left, we had some rain. It was bad enough that one of the limbs that overhung the house broke off of the tree and hit the roof before landing in the driveway. Thankfully the roof held up. There was one shingle at the bottom edge of the roof above the driveway that ripped a little bit, but nothing to worry over. It did get our butts in gear, though, to have someone come out and remove the three dead oak trees. I called around and got five different estimates and a crew came out yesterday. Less than 5 hours and $1,000 later, my house looks naked. In the picture below, the three trees were on the left of the garage, you may be able to see the stump. The trees used to tower over the garage, they were as tall as the trees on the very left edge of the picture.

So this morning I will be making a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot. I need to buy some bushes, I'm going to put in a little hedge on that side now, about 3 feet from the driveway, close to the property line.

It was a tough week besides the tree. Lauren and I both caught some sort of stomach bug. She was sick on Monday and I was pretty bad on Thursday. But we're both feeling much better now.

Yesterday Lauren and I went to lunch with Katrina, Katherine and Ethan. We did a trip to Lowe's and then Walmart and came home to a new yard. In the afternoon we went to Katherine's house so Lauren and Ethan could play in the kiddie pool. We didn't stay too long, but Lauren loves the water, as usual, and had a great time.

We are still waiting to hear Ben's leave dates. Hopefully he'll be home in three weeks for Lauren's birthday. But even if he misses it, we'll just be happy to have him here.

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